Listen Up: Why Your Brand Needs To Be Using Video Content

Video content is proving to be a powerful asset for brands to gain new followers, increase post engagement, drive brand growth and boost sales.

Most likely, as soon as you logged onto social media you’ve seen video content within your first 10 seconds of scrolling. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn have turned to video content as their preferred content. Meanwhile, the rise of Tik Tok has proven to us just how influential (and addictive) video content can be. 

Over the years, social media has flipped from being a place to connect with friends to a hub of entertainment. Consumers are now using social media as a platform for education, shopping, and entertainment. 

Why should I use video content? 

Video content typically performs the best with most algorithms. This is because it captures the viewer’s attention longer than an image. If a viewer engages for longer on a piece of content, the algorithm will boost that to a wider audience. 

This explains why videos on Instagram generate more engagement than any other type of content on the platform. It’s worth trying to jump on the trend, by either getting started on Tik Tok or an IGTV series.

A new video concept is Instagram Reels which is a new competitor of Tik Tok. Taking advantage of this relatively new feature will increase your chances of ending up on the explore page. 

Whichever platform you decide to take advantage of, it’s the perfect time to get creative and test out new content types. With the millions of ways you can share your content, you are almost guaranteed to increase your engagement. 

Video content lasts longer 

Using more video content not only increases your chances of higher engagement but it lasts longer. A TikTok video can show up on a users’ For You Page for weeks, or even month’s after it was posted. This is because video content usually encourages more interactions and shares.

Videos are generally more popular 

Without a doubt, social media users love video content for the pure fact that it keeps us engaged for longer. 

Video content is growing in popularity across every channel and users are wanting to see more. Facebook & Instagram saw a 40% increase of usage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumer’s expect brands to deliver engaging, and entertaining content on social media now, more than ever before. ‘

You can repurpose your content for every platform 

While video content can definitely be more time-consuming than snapping a picture. It has it perks in that you can repurpose your content for multiple platforms.

Influencers and brands have successfully repurposed their TikTok content, for the latest trend; Instagram Reels. Since both platforms have the same 9:16 format ratio, it makes it easier than ever to post.

Videos with a 16:9 format can easily be repurposed on IGTV, Facebook & Youtube. These platforms are better suited for longer-form content. 

Consider sharing your Instagram Stories for Pinterest Video Pins, and Instagram feed videos are well-suited for Facebook. If you’re going live on Instagram, don’t forget you can automatically share your broadcast to IGTV. 

Don’t forget: Greater reach = greater investment

Videos can drastically increase your sales 

If an image tells a thousand words, well you can only guess how many a video tells. It’s one of the most powerful sales tools right now. In 2018, 93% of marketers said they landed a new customer because of video content on social media. 

Videos give your audience a better insight to your products. Video-content adds context to your products which is almost impossible to achieve with an image.

The purchasing power video content holds is completely unmatched. Platforms are now emerging with shoppable videos. Google’s Shoploop now gives user’s the opportunity to discover products in an entertaining way with short but sweet- video content.

Video is only set to become more popular as the years go by. The best news? Creating engaging digital content doesn’t have to be costly or overwhelming. If you haven’t started creating video content for your brand, now is the perfect time to try.