How to Use LinkedIn Stories for Your Brand

Following suit of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn recently introduced a way to share updates on the platform via stories. So what does this mean for businesses and brands? We’re covering all the important details and must-knows to keep you ahead of the game.


What are LinkedIn Stories and how can they be used? 

LinkedIn Stories is a fast and engaging way to share professional updates on the platform. Similar to Instagram Stories, the feature provides users with the opportunity to share images or videos that last 24 hours. 

Users can add text, mention accounts, share thought-provoking questions and add a variety of stickers to their stories. Once published, stories are visible at the top of a user’s LinkedIn feed on mobile. From here, viewers can send a story via direct messages, to make quick and casual conversations on the platform. 


The introduction of LinkedIn Stories aligns with the current trends we’ve seen emerging over the years as social media progresses. Stories are the new norm, with many users across multiple platforms preferring to share in the moment, as opposed to feed posts. While adding another channel to your marketing strategy might be overwhelming, there’s plenty of ways to use this feature to support your business goals. 


#1 – Provide professional tips or industry insights

LinkedIn is a huge professional platform, and the new story format is a great way to showcase your knowledge in a fun yet engaging way. Whether you provide advice from your HR department, creative design tips, or insight of upcoming industry trends. Sharing helpful tips is a foolproof way to capture your audience’s attention.

Be mindful not to bombard viewers with an overload of information. Stories are a naturally easy-to-digest feature among platforms. Making sure your content is skimmable and easy-to-read is important. 


#2 – Share real-time event highlights

Stories only span for 24 hours, which make them an ideal feature to share a less-polished side of your business. From announcing company news, sharing clips from live or online events. Stories are a great way to showcase what happens behind the scenes at your business or brand. 

This also makes for an excellent way to create hype around an event on LinkedIn. Consider asking speakers or coordinators to share quick insight on what to expect, or share “sneak peeks” of extra special deals. 


#3 – Host Q&A’s 

Much like Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories provide you with a way to show a more authentic and less-polished version of your brand. Hosting a Q&A series with your team will showcase the faces behind the magic. 

This is a great way to share your brand story and build trust with your brand. To gather questions for your Q&A, invite your audience to submit them in advance – either via DM’s or a feed post on the platform. 


#4 – Share company news and updates

If you’re one of the first few brands to really tap into this new feature, you are likely to get more brand exposure. This means it would be a good idea to use this new platform to share all of your important brands updates – even if you have a feed post about it.


Whether you are sharing job opportunities, an exciting new product launch, or jumping on the train to reach more of your audience – stories are a good idea for everyone. If the success of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Stories are anything to go by, being one of the firsts to adopt LinkedIn Stories will place you ahead of the competition.