7 Ways to Convert Your TikTok Audience to Instagram Followers

Did you know you can convert your TikTok audience into Instagram followers with the click of a button? With the ability to link your IG profile and easily direct users out of the app. TikTok is a great platform to boost traffic to your Instagram. 

If you’re looking for new ways to grow your Instagram following, TikTok could be the answer. With TikTok’s unique algorithm — which gives anyone a chance to go viral. Many brands and creators have noticed a spike in their Instagram following since joining TikTok. Below are our quickfire ways to convert your audience (however big or small!) and make the newest craze on the block your best friend.

#1 Connect your Instagram to TikTok 

Connecting your Instagram account is one of the best ways to convert your audience. It’s a built-in tool for your followers to find you on Instagram, located right above your bio, and next to the follow button. The little Instagram icon is unmissable on your profile and all accounts have access to this feature.

Image: @later


Step one: Edit profile          

Step two: Click “Instagram” and connect your profile

#2 Use video captions to “hint” at Instagram content 

Convert your followers by starting your story on TikTok and finishing it on Instagram. If you’re sharing engaging content, you will leave people wanting more. If you’re an influencer using both platforms, share a TikTok of yourself undergoing a transformation. In the caption, you can write “Head to my Instagram to see the finished product”. Your audience will most likely be invested enough to click through. The possibilities are endless with this one! 

#3 Make a TikTok showing what content you share on Instagram

Recently, a TikTok trend was floating around where users were showing their Instagram “glow up”. They were showing how their Instagram feeds looked a few years back as opposed to now. This was a great trend to help convert, if your content looked appealing enough viewers were more likely to pop over to Instagram and check it out.

Other ways are to show the different types of content you share on both platforms. Maybe you show your daily life on Instagram via stories, lives and IGTV series or product reviews etc. As opposed to TikTok, where you show a more lighthearted version of yourself through dances, comedy skits or reenactments. If your audience enjoys your TikTok content, there’s a high possibility they will also enjoy your Instagram.

#4 Use consistent branding

If you’re creating engaging content on TikTok, chances are that people are curious about what you get up to outside of the platform. Make finding your profiles easier by using consistent branding. Keep your username and profile picture the same on both platforms, if possible. It’s important to be consistent on both platforms even if you aren’t sharing the exact same content. 

#5 Use your bio to convert your audience

Just like your Instagram bio, your TikTok bio is an important piece of your profile. This small, but mighty blurb might be the deal breaker between whether you gain a new follower or not. If you have something exciting on Instagram, like a regular IGTV series, make use of the bio to promote it. Use your bio to share a CTA to visit your Instagram. 

#6 Promote a giveaway

Another exciting way to convert your followers if by promoting an upcoming collaboration or giveaway on Instagram. Create promotional TikTok videos and use the video caption to include a CTA to head over to your Instagram to join. If you want to go an extra step, change your TikTok bio to include the details and a CTA. Giveaways and brand collabs are always a great idea if you want to increase your engagement and reach. They’re also a fun way to interact with your community.

#7 Create engaging content

If your TikTok content is engaging or reaching your audience, you might want to take a step back and reflect on your content. You don’t just want anyone to follow, you want to reach your desired audience. A community of followers who are going to engage and are interested in what you have to say. 

The best part about TikTok, is the algorithm pushes your content out to the right people. If you’re consistently creating engaging content for your TikTok audience, the Instagram followers shouldn’t be too far behind. 


Since TikTok is a short-video platform, there’s only so much content you can share – your community will be left wanting more. That’s where driving them to Instagram comes in. You have the ability to create multiple types of content like Instagram Reels, IGTV series, stories, lives and feed posts. Be consistent with creating engaging content on both platforms and watch the followers flock.